The 4-Star Democratic Club brings thoughtful Democrats together in Los Angeles in small, social gatherings for policy discussions with leaders and specialists from the military, the government, academia and the media.

Speakers at 4-Star events endorse a sensible U.S. foreign policy based on diplomacy and international cooperation, backed by the capability to use force responsibly and effectively, but always as a last resort.


Past presenters have included:

Phillip Carter, former Assistant Secretary for Detainee Affairs, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Army captain, attorney, writer. (“Hard or Hopeless? The Road Ahead in Iraq”, 9/18/07)

General (retired) Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, NATO

Kevin Drum, blogger, Mother Jones. (Panel Discussion, “The Struggle Against Terrorism”, 9/18/06)

Wayne Glass, School of International Relations, USC; former staff, U.S. Senate, Depts. of State and Defense.(Panel Discussion, “The Struggle Against Terrorism”, 9/18/06)

Mark Kleiman, Professor, UCLA School of Public Affairs (“The New Opium Wars: Drugs & Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan”, 6/22/10)

Lawrence Korb, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense (1981-85), Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, Senior Adviser to the Center for Defense Information. (“National Security Strategy for the 21st Century”, 4/17/07)

Truman National Security Project, “Military 101” (8/26/09)

Michael Webber, PhD, Associate Director of the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy, University of Texas at Austin; founding President of 4-Star Democratic Club. (“Energy Policy in America & its Impact on the 2008 Election”, 6/27/07)

Amy Zegart, Associate Professor, UCLA School of Public Affairs; Fellow, UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations; Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University (“Spying Blind”, 5/18/08)